” Full-blown-tight, bluesy R & B sound reminiscent of Keith Richard’s cool solo band in the 80′s, all slinky-cool rhythms, his unique vocal style revealing a Tom Petty-like rasp.  Each of the tracks offer infectious riffs and unique embellishments throughout, including an amazing guitar sound on “Your Second Biggest Mistake” and another bad-ass, psychedelic solo on the up-tempo “Dark World”.   Nimble bass lines, raunchy guitar riffs and rippin’ solos from old friend Joe Perry.”

-Joe Milliken,

Best Local album of the Year.
” #1. “Soul in Motion” by David Hull: Plymouth super-sideman steps out front, unveils smooth vocals and a batch of hook-laden mainstream rockers.”

-  Jay N. Miller,  Patriot Ledger and Brockton Enterprise.

“  From the slow, steady rain of “Heaven Knows,” to those unexpected chords in “Dark World,” a slamming rock anthem, Hull doesn’t waste your time; his song writing is cohesive and to the point. Bald truths make for hits, and Hull has one here. His vocals are naked and raw. Joe Perry plays lead guitar on “Soul In Motion”,  the title track that, put simply, kicks butt. ”

- Emily Clark, Old Colony Memorial


” Hull has broken out from the sidelines to take the lead. His first solo album “Soul in Motion”, is a mixture of Motown, Stax and all out rock infusions, Hull has pushed and expanded his style and technique. ”

- Bass Player Magazine, July, 2011


” The opening track, “Pay Some Attention” draws on Hull’s formative Motown and R&B influences.  Elsewhere, David cranks it up a gear, reverting back to Joe Perry’s brand of hard rock, with the legendary Aerosmith guitarist making an incendiary appearance on the title track, “Soul In Motion.” ”

- Richard Bennett, Bass Guitar Magazine